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How do I copy a table from one Data Connection to another?

You need to create or use a Transformation in a global Data Job (a Data Job without a Data Connection). In such a Transformation you can copy a table from one Data Connection to another using SQL, e.g.


A common problem with long running transformations and slow data model loads is due to missing statistics in Vertica. This issue can be resolved by adding the Vertica ANALYZE_STATISTICS statement directly in the SQL. For more information, refer to Vertica Transformations Optimization.

CREATE TABLE <%= DataConnectionNameTarget %>.TableName AS SELECT * FROM <%= DataConnectionNameSource %>.TableName

The parameters used for the Cata Connection are supplied in all Transformations of global Data Jobs.

Copying from/to the global scope

You can also copy a table from the global Data Pool scope to a Data Connection scope or the other way around by simply omitting the Data Connection parameter.