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Celonis Product Documentation

How to invite single or multiple new users

About Users

One individual is a user in your EMS team and can be given rights and permissions to work on all content types in the team.

Invite users

Click on 'Invite New Users' at the top right to invite new users to your team. Invited users will receive an email to the defined mail address and can follow the signup link in the email. To invite new users:

  1. Write the email address you want to invite in the input form. Confirm each mail by separating them with a space, comma, semicolon, or with the tab key. It is also possible to copy and paste multiple emails.

  2. Each email is validated to be a correct email format. Remove the entries with the 'x'.

  3. Select the role you wish to use when inviting the users. This role will be used for ALL email addresses invited so please take care not to accidentally invite people to the wrong role that could impact the license.

  4. Invite all listed users. Click 'Send Invitation'.

  5. It is also possible to invite users by CSV upload. Please note that all users in the CSV file will assume the role selected. For mass invites across multiple roles you must upload several individual CSV files.

  6. You can also add a custom message so the invitee understands what they are being invited to and why.

Invite multiple users at once

You can either invite multiple users by copy/pasting all email addresses at the same time into the input field or activate a signup link.


There is no limit as to how many users can be added to the input field mentioned above, however, please expect it to take ~5mins for 1000 users to be processed at once. During this processing the UI may seem to be inactive.

To activate the signup link your team must be set to "Public team" or "Public to domain". You can then distribute the signup link for self-signup.