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How to Prepare Celonis Platform for Celonis Task Mining


This page is deprecated. From version 2.2 of the Task Mining Client, the Task Mining projects are set up using the Task Mining service in Celonis Platform. Please refer to this guideline for further details.

This guide briefly shows how an existing Celonis Platform team can be prepared to collect data sent by the Celonis Task Mining desktop application.


This is the technical description of steps taken during running the notebook `A0_TM_initial_set up .ipynb` in the Manual Setup Guide guide.

We advise using the notebook and Manual Setup Guide guide instead of this article.

Setting up API key and Data Pool
  1. Log in to your Celonis Platform team.

  2. Go to Admin and Settings → Applications.

  3. Create a new application key and copy it into the configuration editor (field: Data Connection → Cloud API Key).

  4. Go to Data Integration.

  5. Create a new Data Pool.

  6. Open the Data Pool and copy its ID from the URL into the configuration editor (field: Data Connection → Data Pool ID).

  7. Go back to the Data Integration overview and select Permissions from the context menu of the recently-created Data Pool.

  8. Select only the permission for 'Continuous Data Push API' for the API key and save changes.

Setting up the target table in the event collection from 1.1.3
  1. Open the prepared configuration file; the e final name of the target table must be set in the configuration.

  2. Select "Tools" → "Generate SQL 'CREATE TABLE' query" to copy the SQL script used to create. the table to your clipboard.

  3. Go to the data pool in the event collection and create a new transformation.

  4. Paste the SQL script from the clipboard and run it.


If a table with the same name as the target table exists, it and all its data will be deleted.