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Celonis Product Documentation

Install App Store Usecase

To kickstart your transformation journey, you can install one of our App Store use-cases to immediately start generating insights and find improvement potential in your processes.

Learn here how to install analysis on your Process Data Model.

Step by Step

Step1. Install an Analysis from the App Store
  1. Go to App Store

  2. Navigate to a use-case that is interesting for you

  3. Start the installation

  4. Select the Data Pool where your Process Data Model is created

  5. Select the Process Data Model

  6. Start generating insights with the ready-to-use analysis.

Step 2. Customize the Saved KPIs
  1. Open the analysis

  2. Do high-level adaptions on the settings sheet

  3. To edit the KPI definition go to the Saved Formulas

  4. Adapt the KPI formula

  5. Save the formula and publish the analysis

Step 3. Share the analysis with your colleagues
  1. Open the permission settings of the analysis

  2. Assign the permissions to your colleagues


To invite your colleagues, check this section Invite a New Colleague