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Celonis Product Documentation

Installation Guide for Celonis Agent

The Celonis Agent provides a secure way for Celonis to selectively access customer-authorized on-premises apps without having to open ports in the corporate firewall. The Agent can be used to connect to on-premise systems in general (not just SAP) given that they provide an API or web service.


For Action Flows and Skills, different Agent versions are required. But they can run side-by-side. You may run multiple Agents (for Skills and Action Flows) in the same team. If you are running multiple Agents, we recommend to use a distinct name for each Agent.

Action Flows:

We provide two options for installing the Celonis Agent for Action Flows:


We provide one option for installing the Celonis Agent for Skills:

If you encounter any issues during installation, please have a look at our Agent Troubleshooting guide.