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Introduction to Delta Data Model Loads


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Delta Data Model Loads give you the ability to load only new or changed data in the following way:

  1. Prerequisite: Delta transformations in data jobs or replication cockpit with real-time transformations. We need to identify the records per data model table that have changed since the last transformation.

  2. Adapt your view definitions in the SQL workbench to project the Vertica internal timestamp (epoch).

  3. Set the primary keys for all your data model tables in the process data models UI.

Delta Transformations as a prerequisite

Today, the majority of customers use full transformations which are based on a drop/recreate logic to create the data model tables. With this approach, you are not able to identify which records in the tables have changed since the last transformation.

That is why you are dependent on delta transformations, either in the replication cockpit or in data jobs. Delta transformations allow you to identify which rows changed in a data model table since the last successful data model load.

For more information, refer to Delta Transformations in Data Jobs.