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Invoice Management View
User Profile

The Invoice Management view is configured to be used by a team lead of the AP organization. Their tasks include both strategic topics such as monitoring operational KPIs as well as ensuring that the team is focused on the most urgent tasks. Additionally, they might contribute to very urgent or complex invoices themselves.

Purpose of the Invoice Management View
  • Setting priorities of day-to-day work by reviewing the invoice status and assigning work to team members

  • Executing on recommended next best actions to close execution gaps

  • Enable rapid, effective invoice processing with the necessary details for a single invoice

  • Investigate prescriptive next-best-actions to resolve issues and drive toward the outcome

  • Prioritize invoices based on the organization's target outcome

  • Enable execution of actions across source systems seamlessly

User Interface and Functionalities

The Invoice Management View gives an overview of the status of the invoice backlog and enables to prioritize and execute on the most urgent invoices


The Invoice backlog can be narrowed down based on the status of the invoices to prioritize work accordingly


To get an overview of the automation level of the organization, the ‘Executed Actions’ chart displays the automation rate of each task


The View displays prescriptive next-best actions that will help to achieve business goals


The View and its invoice backlog can be filtered based on a variety of dimensions, e.g. vendor, company code, and invoice status


The invoice backlog displays all invoices that are still open and actionable


Selecting a single invoice opens the invoice details window which also includes the base information per invoice


The invoice details view also shows prescriptive tasks that the App recommends to be fulfilled in order to process the invoice as well as details on line items, and information on potential duplicates


Recommended next-best-actions (e.g. remove payment block) are shown for each invoice in order to process invoices effectively and close execution gaps