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Invoice orchestration

Accounts Payable sits at the backbone of your Finance operations - processing invoices as productively as possible and paying at exactly the right time can have a huge strategic impact on working capital, operating margins and effective cash preservation.

Why do we have an Execution App for Accounts Payable?

Celonis’ Execution App for Accounts Payable drives real-time, outcome-driven invoice processing and prescriptive action flows to help Accounts Payable organizations overcome operational friction and ensure everyone in the organization is immediately aligned around and working toward the target outcomes.

Celonis combines AI, Process Mining and automation to sense friction and take intelligent action to optimize your AP operations, based on the outcomes you’ve set.

What it means at every level of the business

1. AP leads act more proactively

Continuous real-time analysis automatically surfaces process blockers — and their recommended fix. Take care of them with automated action.

2. AP team leads coordinate more efficiently

Updated status on each invoice - like invoice at risk - ensures that team leads can delegate the most important tasks and work effectively on critical invoices.

3. AP clerks work more efficiently

Celonis automatically prioritizes invoices and recommends the next best actions according to the outcome you’re working towards — like on-time payments.

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