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Joins in the Extraction
Parent vs Child table

Child table: to be extracted table.

Parent table: joined table to filter the child table.

Execution Order
  1. The extraction will first apply the indicated filters on the parent table as visible on the right hand side.

  2. In the second step the join of the parent table to the child table is conducted. This join is based on java and is mostly comparable with an inner join in SQL.

  3. Lastly the additional filters are applied to the table resulting after the join.

Additional Information
  • "Use primary key" means the parent primary key.

  • If you join a child (n) table to a to be extracted parent (1) table on the primary key the extracted table will contain duplicates.

  • If there are several parent tables, the parents are filtered and then joined top down, before the resulting table is joined to the child.