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Celonis Product Documentation


KPIs in Knowledge Model are used for KPIs shown to the business user and for storing business logic reused in various KPIs and records, such as for the "unbilled" status.

Formulas mainly used as internal functions have the prefix “FORMULA_” in the ID. Often, those formulas return a binary value such as "has goods issue," "has invoice," etc. Those indicators are then re-used in other KPIs.

The following KPI might require customization to fit.




This formula defines the order of items in the Action View table.

Per default, the prioritization for long-runner items is based on the realizable value. For late items the working capital impact (annualized) of not invoicing the item for an additional day is used.

The priority icon is determined using this realizable value. The categorization is done based on the value exceeding quantile values of the realizable value:

  • > 0.75th quantile → high

  • > 0.5th quantile → medium

  • > 0.25th quantile → low