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On the License tab, you find all information about your license, and how it is utilized.

APC Consumption - Indicates how much data you are using in your team. APC (Analytical Processing Capacity) is the amount of uncompressed raw data concurrently ingested into the Execution Management System for further processing at any given time.

  • Notify Admins when APC consumption reaches drop-down - Admin users will be notified via email when APC consumption crosses the specified threshold. This is an optional feature and is not enabled by default.

User Limits

  • Total Users - This is the total amount of users in the team vs allowed (Total users = The sum of all roles, Admin, Analyst, Member).

  • Admin and Analyst Users - The notation means the following: #amount used/#amount allowed (This is part of the Total above not in addition)

  • Action Engine Users - This number is the limit.

  • ML Workbench Users - This number is the limit.


All users who get their role through their account as well as through group memberships are counted toward the quota. Users with an email domain do not count towards any quota.

For example, a Member who is part of an Analyst group is counted against the analyst quota.

Process Limit - The maximum number of data models you are allowed to have.


  • Active until - Date when the team will be locked.

  • Remaining days - Days until the team will be locked.