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The Object Type and Event Type lists show all objects or events selected in the Object & Events section. The items in these lists display the object or event total. Objects are displayed alphabetically while Events are listed in descending order based on the event count.

Each entry displayed in the list can be individually shown or hidden from the graph, similar to the show/hide functionality in Process Explorer. Click on any item to change whether or not it is shown in the graph and the graph will be updated automatically as objects or events are hidden or shown in the list. Hidden items are grayed out, but still show in the list.

The items available in these lists can be updated by clicking the pencil icon at the top of each section and selecting which objects or events you want to include.

The Object Type and Event Type lists are affected as follows:

  1. Event type visibility state based on object visibility state: When an object type is set to “hide”, any event types that don’t share any visible object type are set to hidden. Once such an event is set to “show” again, at least one related object must be shown since event types must have at least one visible object type in the graph.

  2. Filtering effects: Setting filters impacts both the object type and event type counts. If no objects or events of a type remain, the object or event type displays in the list with a count of 0 and will be grayed out.