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Celonis Product Documentation

Main Sections


Process Repository has four main sections including, Home, Categories, Attributes, and Process Models that are explained here:


The home screen displays the general updates of all process categories and allows the user to jump to each category level directly on the first side.



In the “Categories” section the user can build and view the process architecture that represents how processes are structured in the organization.

  1. By clicking on “+ Add Category” the user can create a new process category

  2. Users can search among the created categories

  3. Users can sort the categories in four ways (A-Z, Z-A, Oldest first, Newest first)

  4. On the context menu of each category, the user can rename, duplicate, or delete the category as well as assign it to a data model and set permissions.


Note: Assigning a data model to the process category enables users to access the list of activities when modeling the process. using activities from the activity list prepares the model to be used in the Conformance Checker.

Process Models

In the “Process Models” section users can store and maintain process models and their different versions

  1. Add a new process model

    1. Upload a process model or images of process models

    2. Use the process modeler and define the process flow

  2. Name the process model

  3. View and edit the process models in BPMN format

  4. Download or replace the process models (works for certain permissions)

  5. Monitor different versions of the same process models and check the changes over time

  • Create “tags” in specific categories in order to group models



In the “Attributes” section the user can maintain process-related information including the following:

  1. Name & Description

  2. History of category changes

  3. Adding Internal/External hyperlinks (e.g. Celonis analysis, SAP)

  4. Attachment of supporting documents (e.g. policies, guidelines) in many formats such as pdf, doc, csv.

  5. Adding custom attributes in the text format (e.g. application, KPIs)

  6. Commenting capabilities to increase collaboration

  7. Process owner as the responsible for the process category

The allowed attachment types are:

  • Images

  • Excel

  • xml

  • .doc; .docs; .dotx

  • .xltx

  • .ppt; .pptx

  • pdf

  • csv