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Celonis Product Documentation

Manage Event Type list

The Manage Event Types interface allows the user to edit the event type list displayed in the View Control panel. The Manage Event Types interface displays the same event count and object involvement metrics as the Event List and can again be filtered by Object Type using the dropdown.

The Manage Event Types list shows all event types that relate to any selected object. Items with a checkmark are already displayed in the Event Types list. For each item in the list, the event count and the related selected objects are shown to the right.


Click the checkmark icon to remove an item from the list. To add an event to the list, click the Add icon (+ sign). If you attempt to add an event that requires an object type that is not currently used, you will be prompted to add the object to the graph.


At least one event type must remain shown in the list.


Hover over any list entry to see its relation to the available object types including the total number of objects it is involved in.


Click the < in the header to close the Manage Event Type interface and return to the main View Control panel.