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Celonis Product Documentation

Manage Object Types list

The Manage Object Types interface allows the user to edit the object type list displayed in the View Control panel. Click the Edit icon in the upper right of the Object Type section to access the Manage Object Type interface.

Items that already display in the Object List are shown in the “Select Object Type” section with their current count and assigned color used in the graph. Click on any Object Type in this section to remove it from the Object Type list and the graph is updated automatically. The selected object will then be moved to the “Object Type” section below.

Objects that are available to be added to the list are shown in the “Object Type” section. Each of these available objects will show their current count and the number of shared event types for each object. For example, in the screenshot below, the “Goods Receipt Payment” object has 3 of 5 events that are shared with at least one other selected object type.

To add one of these object types to the Object List, click the + icon to the left. The object type is moved to the “Selected Object Type” section and the graph is updated to include the new object type.


At least one object type must remain shown at all times.


Click the < in the header to close the Manage Object Types interface and return to the main View Control panel.