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Celonis Product Documentation

Managing Asset Visibility in Packages

With Studio you can specify which assets to show your end users once a package is published. You can do this from Studio in two different ways:

  1. Modifying the visibility of assets individually within the package tree: You can change the visibility of individual assets within the Studio Package Tree. Just right click on the asset you want to change the visibility of and select the hide/unhide option from the dropdown.

  2. Making bulk changes via the Apps Perspective in the Package Settings:

    If you want to modify the visibility of multiple assets within your package, you can do so through the Apps Perspective in your package settings. Simply toggle the visibility of the assets you want to change and click confirm on the sticky bar on the bottom of the page:


Through the Apps Perspective, you can also toggle the visibility for all the assets contained within a Folder or simply all the assets within your package:



Keep in mind that for either of these options, the visibility of the asset will only be updated once you publish a new version of your package.