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Celonis Product Documentation

Monitoring Extraction Jobs in SAP

When starting an extraction in the Celonis Platform, every table being extracted maps to one background job in the SAP system.

The number of parallel extractions (and therefore background jobs) can be modified in the connection details of the data connection.


To see the jobs created by the Celonis Platform in SAP, you can go to run transaction SM37. To find the correct jobs, enter the prefix of the created job names (CEL_EX*) into the job name field and the name of the Celonis RFC user in the user field.


If one job on this day already ran, you may see a listing like on the left.

It shows the successful extraction of the table T001 from the Celonis Platform.


In this case the BSEG was running from one Data Job, the DD0* Tables from another job.


When cancelling one of the data jobs, the overview may look like the following.

The job extracting the DD0* Tables was cancelled from the Celonis Platform, the job extracting the BSEG is still running.

Cancelling a Job from the SAP System

If we want to cancel a job from the sap system, we can simply do so from the transaction SM37.


In the Celonis Platform, we can look at the job log and see something like the picture on the left. So the cancelling in SAP is picked up by the Celonis Platform and the Data Job is set to failed.