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Celonis Product Documentation

Move to another view with the same selections/filters

You can open another view with the same selections by using a button.

By using a button you can guide your users in the best way to understand where the interaction will take them and any filters used.

openView: {}. Opens a View by its identity (knowledgeObjectIdfor Profile View orviewKeyfor any View available)

  • One of these two:

    • knowledgeObjectId: string. Defines the Knowledge Object ID / Record ID for which the registered default profile view is then opened. (You usually have to define a variable called "id" with the identifier of the record item as value)

    • viewKey: string. Allows opening any View defined by its key.

  • openInSideOverlay: boolean enable open Views inside a side overlay.

  • variables: ViewVariable[]: Defines a list of variables with the following properties:

    • name: string: Defines the name.

    • value: string: Defines the value.

  • carryFilters: boolean: Carries filters from current View to Profile View.

  • carrySelections: boolean: Carries selections from current View to Profile View.

Opening another View

You can open another View using "openView".

- id: "kpi-button-list"
  type: "button-list"
    type: "default"
    - label: "Detailed Risk Overview"
      variant: "primary"
      size: "large"
      icon: "info"
      block: true
          viewKey: "Risk-Overlay"
          carryFilters: true
          carrySelections: true