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Studio Visual Editing Experience

The Visual Editing Experience

Building powerful Apps in Celonis Studio was never easier!

What’s new

The Celonis Studio Visual Editing Experience is now live! With the big release of the Visual Editors, we enable you to make changes to your Studio package with a couple of clicks! Now you can edit your KPIs on the fly while configuring a table.

Simply switch to the Visual Editor and experience the new powerful capabilities!


As for now, not all View components and Knowledge Model objects configured in YAML can be edited in the Visual Editor, however, the number of components will be steadily increased.

[1] View edit mode - What you see is what you get!

Our Visual Editing Experience allows you to use Visual Editors, so you can always see what you are currently building on your Views!

Visual editing in Views consists of:

  • Fast and intuitive way to create Views Layout through point and click.

  • Visual experience for Views Metadata.

  • Visual View filter configuration.

  • Visual editing for embedded Views.

What you see is what you get! Create layouts through point and click!

Easily switch between the Code Editor and the Visual Editor.

[2] Visual Editors for our most important View components

From now on the components such as Table, KPI List, Chart and many more can be built using the Visual Editors. The Visual Editing Experience guides you through the component configuration process.

Visual Editors are now available for the following View components:

  • Table

  • KPI List

  • Chart

  • Process Explorer

  • Dropdown List

  • Attribute List

  • Network Explorer

  • Worldmap

Other components will follow soon!

For the components that currently can't be built using the Visual Editing Experience, YAML can still be used. Find out more about YAML in the documentation or in the Academy Training "App Creator".


Find the YAML Documentation here.

Simply create a new chart using the Visual Editor. After the creation the chart is of course fully functional and filters can easily be applied.

Create a chart and apply a filter to the chart
[3] Visual editing and a new Interface for the Knowledge Model

Create Knowledge Model objects with ease - without YAML! Explore the new interface for the Knowledge Model. Additionally, components like KPIs can simply be edited from within the new KPI Editor.

Visual editing for the Knowledge Model consists of:

We introduce a new interface for the Knowledge Model with the Visual Editor.


Edit a KPI within the Visual Editor.


Browse and manage Knowledge Models from within Views.

Improved E2E Workflows
  • Not only can you use the visual interface to configure individual components, but you can also bring the different assets of your app closer together.

  • Create KM objects on the fly, reducing the time building through blended edit flows.

  • Visual Editors reduce the need to rely on documentation through built-in guidance.

Known Issues

In the following section we describe known issues with the release, as well as how to work around them:




Expected Resolution Date

Dropdown Component

Custom Objects are currently not displayed in the Visual Editor data selector.

If you wish to add new Custom Objects within your dropdown component, please add these through the YAML editor.

Nov. 5th, 2021

Empty Preview State

The empty state preview window for some View components is currently broken.

This has no effect on creating or editing your component, and the preview will display correctly once you have defined the component's data. No workaround is necessary.

Nov. 5th, 2021

Chart Auto Height

When using auto-height on the View section, the legend of a chart may overlap the axis.

Set a fixed height for the layout section or column.

Nov. 5th, 2021