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Notifications is a new section of team settings that will continuously grow with the aim of creating a list of possible notifications the administrators can subscribe to. These notifications will apply to the team and not the individual admin meaning once enabled ALL admins will receive the subscribed notification.


Historically the admin was either notified of a problem or event by the end-user or had to process mine to uncover issues. Such issues like data pipeline load fails or when a group is created and the role of Admin is accidentally applied and over 20 people are added to the group and subsequently obtain Admin authority.


Within team settings, we will build out a list of notifications the admin can choose to subscribe to. If the notification is toggled on the admins of that team will receive the selected notification (typically via email)

Eg - Our first notification is one that emails existing admins upon the event of adding new admins. This is to ensure the correct people are given the Admin authority and also the correct people are notified of such an event.

How to

Notification Type


New Admin

This notification when enabled notifies existing admins when a new admin/s are added to the team. This feature is important for large teams with multiple admins. The role of admin should be limited to only select individuals with the authority to manage the team and the data within the team. It is therefore important to keep a close eye on who has this authority.

This feature once selected sends an email to the existing admins with the names of those of have been added as new admins. The notification doesn't go to the new admins who have been added until the next event when they would be considered as "existing" admins. This notification only triggers when admins are added directly, via groups or upgraded from Member or Analyst (the notification DOESN'T trigger when admins are downgraded)

Set up from Admin and Settings


Email notifications

Multiple users are added to an Admin Group and all users are shown in a list.


Single admin added to a team from the Members page, each member addition will trigger a single email notification.


Enabling Notifications

  • Navigate to Admin and Settings

  • Select Administrator notifications from the main menu panel on the left

  • Identify the notification you are interested in and select the small info icon to understand what the notification does.

  • Toggle on the notification if one should wish.

  • The admins of the team will now receive notifications once the given event is triggered.


  • Selecting the notifications will enable the feature for all admin so please take into consideration what is important to you since selecting all notifications could result in spam.

Re-cap on what has changed

  • A new section has been added to Admin and Settings called Notifications. Over time new notifications will be added as we build out new admin features. Such feature examples include User and adoption views with a corresponding notification for events like a significant movement in Daily active users or more simply, the possibility to email users within a particular Group.