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Celonis Product Documentation

On-prem Agent FAQ

For Action Flows and Skills, different Agent versions are required. But they can run side-by-side.

Find more information about the Action Flow Agent and the Skill Agent on those pages.

The Agent is needed to connect to on-prem systems. You can find currently available on-prem app integrations here.

Check out our troubleshooting page for common errors that occur during installation. The page includes both hints for the old on-prem Agent for Skills as well as for the new on-prem Agent for Action Flows.

If you use windows you can use the installer to update your Agent, find detailed instructions here.

If you use MacOS or Linux or want to do it manually check out the instructions here.

Yes, one Agent can be used for multiple systems. The only pre-requisite is that the systems are reachable. This means that they have to be in the same network.