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Celonis Product Documentation

Open Credit Memo App Installation

Perform the steps below to install the app from the Marketplace::

  1. Search for the app on the Marketplace: Enter "Open Credit Memo" in the search bar to locate the app. Open the app and click the Request Access or Install button to start the installation.

  2. Required Connector: On the Open Credit Memo page in Marketplace, you will see the one prerequisite package on the right side of the screen: the standard connector. Make sure you have installed this connector before you install the Open Credit Memo app.

  3. Install the app: The button on the top right will say Request Access, Install, or Get it again depending on your access level and whether or not you've previously installed this app.

  4. Choose a Space: During the initial installation of the app from the Marketplace, you can either create a new space into which the app is downloaded (e.g. Accounts Payable) or use an existing space. Click Confirm to proceed.

  5. Assign a data model to the data model variable: In the tab "Variables" assign your SAP Accounts Payable data model to the Data Model variable.

  6. Update the plain text variables:


    To set the values, you should click on the three dots and then edit. Please use for currency the SAP naming conventions (e.g USD, EUR and not symbols like $ or €). These two variables can also be easily adjusted via the settings view.

  7. Hide embedded views: By default all views – except for profile views – will be visible in apps upon publishing the app. To only show the relevant views, use the Visibility icons on the Apps Perspective tab to hide all embedded views.

  8. Publish the app: In order to display augmented attributes in a table or open profile views, the Knowledge Model and related Skills and Profile Views need to be published first.


    The Action View table will only work after the package has been published the first time as it contains augmented attributes and tasks.