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Celonis Product Documentation

Open Credit Memo App

Frequently, credit memos are not collected/cleared by companies having a negative impact on working capital and potentially on P&L. Especially if a credit memo is not closed within a defined timeframe, companies may classify this as bad debt and can decide to write it off as bad debt.

Celonis’ Open Credit Memo App is a purpose-built application providing an overview of all open, posted credit memos and their age. The App shows all open credit memos sorted by potential realizable value. It provides multiple ways to break them down into buckets (e.g. blocked credit memos vs non-blocked credit memos). Further, for each credit memo, the App lists all open invoices the selected credit memo can clear.

A vendor balance analysis on open accounts payable documents (credit memos and invoices) enables quickly identifying vendors with a high amount of open credit memos.

Some key features in the Accounts Payable (AP) Open Credit Memo App are listed below.

  • Review credit memos prioritized based on their impact on working capital and P&L

  • Identify open invoices for the selected credit memo

  • Perform a vendor balance analysis to determine vendors having a high amount of open credit memos