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Celonis Product Documentation

Platform Adoption

The Platform Adoption views help you to track Celonis EMS usage and adoption in your organization, and see to what extent the platform is integrated into your everyday business.

The views let you see how many users log in to Celonis EMS each month, how many users are logging in weekly (unique user logins and total logins), and what proportion of users are accessing the platform regularly. You can also see a count of logins for each user over the last 12 months, to identify power users.


How are the Platform Adoption views calculated?

  • In the Monthly Logins view, we look at the login history data for the last 12 months, excluding the current month.

  • In the Weekly Active Users view, we look at the login history data for the last 5 weeks, including the current week. Monday is used as the week start for each of the 5 data points.

  • The average monthly logins are the average over the last 12 months.

  • The growth over the last month is the percentage change in logins in the last month over the month before that.

  • Stickiness is calculated by dividing daily active users by monthly active users.

Enabling the login history feature

Only administrators can see the Platform Adoption views. Before you can start using them, you must enable the login history feature - you'll get a prompt to do this when you try to access Platform Adoption.


The login history feature stores PII (personally identifiable information). As the administrator, before you can use the feature, you must acknowledge consent on behalf of your organization for Celonis EMS to store this information.

The Platform Adoption views only start to be populated when you enable the login history feature. You won't see any data from before you gave your consent and enabled the feature.


Any deletion periods for the login history affect the Platform Adoption views. For example, if you set the login history feature to delete logs older than 30 days, the Platform Adoption views can't keep a count of monthly active users.