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Preconfigured SAP actions
Reschedule Sales Order (Header and Positions)

There are simplified actions to adjust the requested delivery date on header level (VBAK.VDATU) and also to adjust the requested delivery date on schedule line level (VBEP.EDATU). There is the possibility to do all of that in one BAPI call, which will be explained here.

The following flow needs to be built, where the sensor needs to be chosen according to the usage but should receive as inputs the sales order number and the new date.


The configuration of the "Query Data Model" needs to look as follows:


Note: You might want to add further filters to omit canceled positions for example.

Based on this the following configuration of the advanced SAP action can be used to change the requested date on header and schedule line level at the same time with one call. Note that except for the sales order number and the new date, all other inputs are the outputs of the query data model block.


The inputs will be structures as follows if several objects (in this case, the schedule lines of several items) will be updated at once. This follows the overall guidance that when adding table parameter values, the value should be in the following format [string1,string2,string3].