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Celonis Product Documentation

Preparing Server for Celonis Agent

Responsibility: Server/ infrastructure administrator

Please find the the system requirements for the server below:

  • 4GB memory

  • CPU 2 cores

  • 10GB free disk space


The Celonis Agent can run on the Extractor Server on which the on-premise SAP ERP Extractor is running.

If you wish to run Celonis Agent and SAP ERP Extractor on the same server please add the following to the recommended server sizings for the Extractor Server hardware:

Hardware recommendations for Extractor Server + 4GB memory + 10GB free disk space

Operating system and software
  • 64-bit Operating System:

    • Windows (full support; Operating Systems e.g. Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 2012 R2)

    • Linux (partial support; Operating Systems e.g. Fedora 27, Ubuntu 20)

  • For Windows:

  • For SAP ECC:

    • SAP NW RFC SDK 7.5 (latest patch level: PL7), available for download via SAP.

      (Note: This is only required when automating in SAP.)

Administrative rights are required for installing and setting up the Celonis Agent. Once the setup is done, it can run in a normal user context.