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Description of prerequisites to use the app such as access, data model, backend features, augmentation, etc.



Further information

Access to the Open Credit Memo app

Check with your Value Engineer that you have been granted access and all required features have been enabled.

Data Model

Accounts Payable for SAP ECC (Analytical) with posting keys 21 and 31 (BSCHL) with the tables BSEG, BKPF, LFA1 and LFB1

The data model needs to contain the tables BSEG, BKPF, LFA1 and LFB1.

It’s important that BSEG and BKPF contain both, credit memos (BSEG.BSCHL = 21) and invoices (BSEG.BSCHL = 31)

All tables in the Data Model fulfill the technical requirements

The table BSEG in the data model must have fewer than 30 million rows.

In case BSEG does not fulfill this requirement, it is suggested to filter it to only include open documents (see Datapool Setup).

For the real-time capabilities app to function, the Data Model must be small. Therefore, if real-time is a requirement, we recommend to limit the data to the relevant items only.

These are the technical requirements using Task Augmentation technology.

If you need further information or help, contact us at

High-Level Installation Process
  1. Ensure that the prerequisites above are fulfilled.

  2. Install the Open Credit Memo app.


    In order to successfully install the app, ensure that all required features have been enabled in the backend.

    1. Select the app in the Marketplace

    2. Assign the data model

    3. Adjust the run-time variables in the Settings View

  3. Use this guide to finalize setup.

    1. Configure relevant Knowledge Model variables

    2. Configure and customize the Knowledge Model and Views

    3. Align on integration in the day-to-day business