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The Credit Memo prioritization is calculated based on two criteria depending on the credit memo age:

  • Free-Cash-Flow: The Free Cash Flow impact (annualized) of not invoicing the item for an additional day is used.

  • (Potential) P&L: After the FCF threshold, the proportional (before OCM aging threshold) or full realizable credit memo value is used.

The priority icon is determined using this realizable value. The categorization is done based on the value exceeding quantile values of the realizable value:

  • > 0.75th quantile → high

  • > 0.5th quantile → medium

  • > 0.25th quantile → low

  • < 0.25th quantile → very low

The prioritization can be updated by changing the following KPIs:

  • FORMULA_CreditMemo_CALC_Prioritization

  • FORMULA_CreditMemo_CALC_OpenPrioritizationScore