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Celonis Product Documentation

Process Analytics - FAQ

Q: How is data ingestion impacted by the migration? Does the tool trigger a data model reload?

A: Migration between Process Analytics to Studio will not impact Data ingestion.

Q: What is the APC impact of duplicated assets?

A: There will be no APC impact as there is no impact to Data ingestion.

Q: How do I avoid my users using Process Analytics after the migration?

A: We recommend you to deactivate your Process Analytics Feature as soon as you are complete with migration and validation. To deactivate Process Analytics, you can simply send a support ticket to request deactivation of your Process Analytics feature by sending an email to with the title “Deactivating Process Analytics” and include your EMS team domain in the request.

Q: Can I still access assets in Process Analytics after the migration?

A: Yes, you can still access your assets after the migration, and your assets in Process Analytics will be view-only by default. You can change the edit write to allow edit again as an admin, but please note that this edit unlocking cannot be reversed.

Q: What version is migrated?

A: We save the last published version to Apps, and the last draft in your Studio.

Q: My migrated space contains all assets, but there are some differences between what I see in Process Analytics and in Apps.

A: This could be because you are comparing the draft version with the published version.We save the last published version to Apps, and the last draft in your Studio.

Q: Can we change the email address within the post migration banner for support?

A: No, the email address is of the Admin who scheduled the migration, and cannot be changed.

Q: Can I change the time when the migration is carried out?

A: No, you cannot change the time within the day of the migration. Once you use the migration tool, the migration is scheduled to run in the night after your business hours. The business hour is determined by the timezone of the cluster. E.g. For EU clusters, the migration happens 16:00 - 18:00 UTC. Please only use the migration tool when you are ready to migrate.

Q: I have a PDF report exported using Process Analytics, if I do not change the URL to Studio Analysis, will the report still run after the migration?

A: The report will still run on Process Analytics’ dashboards after the migration, until Process Analytics is deactivated.

Q: We are using Process Analytics on Celonis 4, how does the migration timeline impact me? And can I use the migration tool?

A: The Migration timeline and Migration Tool does not apply to Celoins 4 users. They can continue using From Celonis 4 to Studio with CTP-files to complete their migration at their own pace.