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Process Analytics (PA)


The CASE WHEN banner has been removed.


  1. For design consistency, PQL documentation is now accessed from the PQL Editor by clicking pql_reference_icon.png; this replaces the former toggle.

  2. The wording for the settings Allow bpmn export of the process explorer and Show filter UI on published version was updated.

Bug fixes

Previously, renaming a bookmark highlighted it in the bookmarks menu. This no longer happens.


A new option is null has been added to the color threshold dropdown of the color mapping editor. This lets users define color mappings based on null values of the dimension or series.


Bug fixes

  1. When switching the order of KPIs in a line chart, the KPI names were not reordered in the hover legend unless the component was refreshed. The hover legend now adjusts immediately.

  2. A minor visual bug in the sticky Violations header of the conformance checker was fixed.


  1. Pagination has been introduced for conformance checker violations. This prevents the browser from slowing down or crashing in cases where there are a large number of violations.

  2. The descriptions of each action in the info message found in the button component settings have been revised to be more detailed and accurate.


Bug fixes

  1. For histograms, coloring mappings based on dimension did not apply to buckets covering a range of values, only to buckets consisting of a single value. The bucket is now colored if it lies entirely within the user provided threshold. For example, the histogram on the right has the color mapping: green if less than or equals 10 and red if greater than 10.

  2. Process explorer/variant explorer KPI:

    1. It was not possible to provide different units for more than one Variant explorer connection KPI. The unit labeling now works as intended.

    2. The option to format all KPIs according to one of the formulas did not work, so it has been temporarily removed to avoid confusion. The feature will be reinstated in a future release.

Bug fixes

  1. Setting an activity table other than the default as the custom dimension in the conformance checker returned NaN or 0. This use case now works as intended.

  2. The word "Events" has been removed from Steps per case in the conformance checker in order to match the overview.

Bug fixes

  1. In some cases, an undefined error would occur when sending a KPI with special characters to the Transformation Center. The feature now accepts special characters.

Conformance custom dimension

Users can now provide a custom dimension in the conformance checker to measure conformance of a column other than the default activity column.

Available in edit mode of Analysis in both Process Analytics and Studio...

  • the options menu of an existing sheet. Allows listed violations, KPIs, and the process model will remain unchanged.

  • a new sheet, when Mine the target process is selected during setup.


General Availability of 'Copy to Studio'.

You can now find the option Copy to Studio generally available for all teams with the Process Analytics service. Please find details on how to migrate your Analyses from Process Analytics to Studio here.

Pie Chart Component having decimals in percentage value

In the Pie Chart Component, it is now possible to display decimals in percentage values in order to have consistent values in different components such as a Single KPI Component.


Handling Multi-event logs with Automerge

You can now experience new and enhanced behaviour of analyses leveraging multi-event log data models using the Automerge functionality. Read more here.

Improvements in Conformance App

Users of Process Analytics are now able to interact more with the Conformance App and use it widely in the whole analysis.

  1. Users are now able to send the AVG conforming cases as a KPI to the Transformation Center.

  2. Users are now able to filter the whole analysis on conforming or non-conforming cases.

  3. Users are always getting the number of violations that exists in the process according to whitelisted items.

  4. Users are able to use the conformance query for more detailed analysis by writing the query to a variable and use the two PQL formulas including CONFORMANCE and READABLE.

    • Create a new variable.

    • In conformance checker > Settings > Write conformance query to variable > select the created variable.

Other small improvements

Users are now able to better interact with the list of violations and whitelisted items right in the statistics about conformance.


The crop selection component impacts the conformance query while crop selection filter added in loadscript or sheet filter does not impact the conformance calculation and does not affect the conformance query.

Feature Enhancements
  • We have enhanced the bookmark concept in Analysis UI

In the recent release of the Process Analytics, we have enhanced the bookmarks feature. When loading a bookmark, there is now an option that allows users to choose if they only want to load selections or the whole state of the analysis.

"Bookmark" saves the whole state of the analysis. the analysis state includes selections, variables, process explorer view, and states of components such as sorting in OLAP table. When users want to load their bookmarks, the whole state is meant by default. This means that by applying the bookmark, all state of the analysis is updated according to the bookmark.

In the current enhancement, users can choose between applying the bookmark including the analysis state (default action) or only selections from the bookmark.

Bug Fixes
  • Primary axis Labels as variables are now refreshed when Variable is changed.

  • Coloring in analysis messages using jscript works well.

  • Process Explorer KPI Icon does not disappear after loading bookmark.

  • Process Overview refreshes both Happy path throughput times KPI equally when user switches between unit options.

In the Analysis, we have introduced two constants:

1- $CEL_USERNAME: the active username working/viewing on an analysis

2- $CEL_ACTIVE_FILTERS: the current filters being added on an analysis. All filters are added as one string joined by ";".

Additionally, there is a new action for the button component in the Analysis UI to "Open External Link"

EXAMPLE: to forward the filter to skills, you need to configure the url in the new button action "open external link" as following:

https://executionurl?filters= <%=$CEL_ACTIVE_FITLERS%>