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Process Analytics end of life

Last updated on July 10, 2023. Visit this page in the coming months for the latest information.

Studio, our next-generation development platform, is replacing Process Analytics. If you are still using Process Analytics, you make the switch to Studio by September 30, 2023 to avoid losing access to your analyses. Afterwards, you will have access to Process Analytics for at least one month (until October 31, 2023).


The required migration is to Studio Analysis, not Studio Views.

What is changing?

The Analysis from Process Analytics is available in Studio with all the same functionality plus more. Since they have the exact same look and feel, you can resume working with your analyses in Studio without any additional training. Besides the Analysis, Studio as a platform also offers the latest capabilities and user experiences in app-building and automation.

Does this affect me?

You are affected if you have Process Analytics on your Celonis Platform team. This is likely the case if you became a Celonis customer in April 2021 or earlier. If you do not have Process Analytics on your Celonis Platform team, or if you are on Celonis 4, no action is required.


To check, look for the Process Analytics icon in the navigation bar.

What are my next steps?

  • For team admins: See Migration Steps to get started on your migration from Process Analytics to Studio. We recommend that you manually migrate prior to automigration.

  • For end users: See Process Analytics vs. Studio to get familiar with Studio and how it differs from Process Analytics.


The migration tool is currently in limited availability. This means development is complete, but we want to test it with a limited set of customers before rolling it out widely. By participating in limited availability, you will have an opportunity to make the switch to Studio early and with hands-on technical support from us. You can request to enable the migration tool by reaching out to your designated Celonis contact.

Product office hours

In case you have questions or concerns that are not addressed in the documentation, we are offering additional support through Office Hours. Sign up here.