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Celonis Product Documentation

Process Automation Settings

Introduction to Process Automation Settings

In the Process Automation Settings, you can set up and maintain the applications that run in the background of Process Automation and enable the user to take action in the respective systems. Here, you can manage all your connections and agents.

  • Creating connections and connection variables.

You can find a detailed guide to setting up connections and connection variables here.

  • Downloading a package from EMS store with connection variables.

When you download a pre-built package from the EMS store, the package settings will open automatically for you. There you will find the all connection variables used in any of the Skills of the package. Now, you only need to assign them to your own connections. Before you do that, make sure that you have created the connections in the Process Automation Settings as described in Connections.


The Celonis Agent allows you to execute actions in on-premise applications such as SAP, RPA and others. For more information on the agent set-up, see Celonis On-Prem Agent.

Once set up, you can manage all your agents in the Process Automation Settings.

  • When opening the Setting page, you see an overview of all installed agents.