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Process Simulation Release Notes

Process Simulation is generally available!

In case you have missed it: Process Simulation is now generally available inside the Studio (since beginning of November).

Process Simulation allows you to measure the impact of possible changes on your processes and the effect they would have on your operations. You can dynamically simulate any and all parts of the process and, thereby, assess optimizations without risk.

Our guided Digital Twin extraction wizard configuration makes it easy and fast to create a simulation model of an existing process. After that, you can twist and turn the knobs on this model to simulate what-if scenarios.


Head over and set up your first simulation right away! To get started, see the help content.

Improvements to the Process Simulation UI

  • Improved error messages to be more descriptive.

  • First version of a data quality check; If there is a problem with your data model that will keep the Simulation from running successfully, a descriptive error message is raised when creating the Simulation.

  • New KPIs are available in the results view (re-run existing scenarios to get calculations for the new KPIs):

    • Number of unfinished Cases.

    • Total Processing Time per Pool.

    • Total Processing Time per Case per Pool.

    • Total Processing Time per Activity.

    • Number of Occurences (of Activities).

  • Improved usable screen space.

  • Allow running of single simulation scenarios without always running all of them.


Several bug fixes.