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Celonis Product Documentation

Publishing a package and updating its dependencies

Using a separate Knowledge Model lets you quickly:

  • Scale your IM data to multiple distinct app packages.

  • Fix bugs.

  • Add your own KPIs.

Unfortunately, Studio does not currently support the publishing of a package and the simple update of all its dependencies; this means dependencies may need to be frequently published and updated for testing which can be very onerous. We therefore suggest that you:

  1. Implement a new KPI, for example, in an IM App’s KM.

  2. Test the KPI directly in the view(s) which will incorporate this KPI.

  3. Cut the KPI from the IM App’s KM once the KPI has been tested and is working as intended.

  4. Paste the KPI into the base KM.

  5. Publish the base KM and update the dependency of the IM App package to regain access to your KPI.