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Celonis Product Documentation

Python & ML documentation

Find here a couple of references and resources to boost your Python & ML skills and accelerate your productivity in the Celonis ML Workbench.

Celonis Python packages

To make working with the EMS from the ML workbench superfluid, Celonis offers 2 pre-installed Python packages. Check out the documentation and example Jupyter notebooks to learn how to use them:


With this package you can interact with Celonis objects as native objects, e.g. copy an analysis, pull & push data, reload a datamodel, etc. For more information, see Pycelonis documentation.

Pycelonis examples snippet repository

This repository contains demo notebooks covering popular functionalities and use cases for the PyCelonis package. To access the snippet repository, click the repository link.

Learning Python

Our colleagues here at Celonis recommend the following course to get started with Python:

Interactive learning

If you prefer interactive learning directly inside the ML Workbench, copy the following commands into a Cell of a Notebook and execute it to receive two books on python we can recommend:

!git clone
!git clone

Other resources


On stack overflow you can find answers to almost any question around coding. Search for error messages, commands problems and let the huge community help you in your problems:

Official python documentation

Use the official python documentation to find tutorials, library references and many more useful information.

Beginners guide to python

Another one of our favorite beginner guides to Python to start your own journey as a developer.