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Celonis Product Documentation

Replication Cockpit - v 2.4.0
New Features
Displaying icons for the tables with filters and transformation scripts

In the Replication Cockpit, we have added icons for the tables that has a filter and/or transformation script. This is going to improve the navigation across the tables.

Alerts for long running Replications

The user can set a threshold in the connection level settings, and receive an alert for a replication that runs longer than the threshold is.

In the setting below, the user will be notified via an email for each replication that runs more than 30 minutes.

Replication is automatically aborted for tables with no triggers

For tables with no Change Log and trigger executing a replication is meaningless, because a full load will be triggered. To prevent such scenarios the replication will be aborted in case the tables has no Change Log and/or trigger in the SAP.

Bug Fixes
Replications failed when CDPOS/CDHDR was renamed

Replication failed when target table of CDPOS or CDHDR was renamed to something else.

Replication Calendar was getting deactivated randomly

Replication Calendar was being deactivated without any user interaction.

Duplicate records were streamed to the Replication Monitoring service

In some edge cases, the same record was being streamed to the monitoring service twice, causing the monitoring data model to fail.