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Replication Cockpit - v1 Release Notes
Why to use it?


Build your real-time data pipeline now to get ready for Execution Apps and other operational use cases!

To utilise the power of Execution Apps you need to achieve real time connectivity to your source systems. With a stable and real-time data pipeline, you can build an ecosystem of Execution Apps and instruments to immediately identify execution gaps in your processes, know how to resolve them, and automatically take action to eliminate the execution gaps. Achieving real-time connectivity is the first, and most foundational step in your journey to unlocking execution capacity.

The Replication Cockpit, coupled with the SAP Real-Time Extractor, solves this challenge. It ensures that the data is replicated from SAP to the EMS in a real time, with minimal setup andmaintenance effort.

How this works?

In short, the Replication Cockpit is the management UI to set up, orchestrate and monitor your real-time extractions. It complements the SAP Real Time Extractor, and ensures continuous flow of data from SAP to the EMS. In some sense, it is an alternative to Data Jobs, which are currently used by everyone to manage the extractions from SAP.

Key benefits:

  • Extraction schedules do not need to be defined

  • Extractions will correct and re-execute in case of temporary failures

  • Extractions run faster and are less error prone because they are separated from transformations

  • Real-time connectivity

  • Automatic self-recovery

  • Speed & stability

The diagram below explains how the end-to end data pipeline components interact.



What is the Replication Cockpit?

The Replication Cockpit is a data pipeline orchestration tool that allows you to replicate data from source systems to the EMS in real time.

It complements existing Data Jobs, and is tailored specifically for real-time connectivity requirements. In the current version (10/19/2020) ONLY the extraction functionality is supported, while real time delta transformation is still in beta.

Who should consider using the Replication Cockpit?

The Replication Cockpit is tailored for real-time connectivity use cases. In short, anyone who plans on using Execution Applications and Action Engine should first achieve real-time connectivity.

Which systems do you support?

Currently only pipelines running on SAP ECC real time extractor.

Is this available for Full Cloud and Hybrid?

Currently Replication Cockpit is available only for the Full Cloud customers. However, the Q1-2021 release of on-prem Data Integration (LYDP) is planned to include it too.


Is this included in current licenses?

The feature will be available at no additional cost as a part of Data Integration.

For existing customers, will a migration be required?

The Replication Cockpit has a different orchestration logic than the data jobs. While the extraction setup is pretty easy, still some effort is required to define the new extraction logic.

What's the roadmap for the Replication Cockpit?

CurrentlyONLYdelta extractions are supported. in 2020 Q4 and 2021 Q1 we plan to introduce:

  • Support for delta transformations in the Replication Cockpit

  • Support for full loads and transformations in the Replication Cockpit

  • Advanced reporting and analytics

  • Support for JDBC and Salesforce real-time connectors


What are the prerequisites to use the Replication Cockpit?

The customer will need to implement them SAP Real Time extractor.

Can the Replication Cockpit be used alongside the Data Jobs?

Yes, absolutely. More details on that in this help article.

Do you know how long the extractions will take with this tool?

We have done 2 pilots. Here are the overall numbers:

  • Average Ingestion Time* ~ 10 min

  • tables: 31

  • records per hour: ~ 1.2m

  • Average Ingestion Time* ~ 6 min

  • tables: 41

  • records per hour: ~ 88,000

  • Pilot A

  • Pilot B

* Average extraction time of the table with the longest duration

Is there additional documentation?

There is a detailed help page answering all the questions.