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Celonis Product Documentation

RFC function modules

When managing the RFC module, the following function modules should be mapped:

  • /CELONIS/FM_NEW_EXTRACT: Read data from table, result is saved in a file.

  • /CELONIS/FM_CL_NEW_EXTRACT: Read data from change log table, result is saved in a file.

  • /CELONIS/FM_STAD_EXTRACT: Extract workload information.

  • /CELONIS/FM_CL_RM_EXTRACT: Clean up change log table (after successful extraction).

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_TABLE_LIST: Retrieve DB table list using search criteria.

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_CHECKED_TABLES: Verify table names.

  • /CELONIS/FM_CL_GET_TABLE_NAME: Retrieve change log table info.

  • /CELONIS/FM_CL_GET_TABLE_NAMES: Retrieve change log table info (multiple).

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_TABLE_METADATA: Retrieve table column metadata.

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_DPNDT_METADATA: Retrieve table column metadata, expanding appended structures.

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_STAD_METADATA: Retrieve workload metadata.

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_JOB_LOG: Get log messages from table /CELONIS/LOG2 from specific extraction.

  • /CELONIS/FM_DELETE_JOB_LOG: Clean up log table /CELONIS/LOG2 (old records).

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_JOB_STATUS: Get extraction job status.

  • /CELONIS/FM_CANCEL_EXTRACT: Cancel running extraction job.

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_EXTRACT_FILE: Get extraction file content

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_EXTR_FILE_LIST: Get list of files in directory Z_CELONIS_TARGET.

  • /CELONIS/FM_CLEANUP_FILES: Delete extraction files from specific extraction.

  • /CELONIS/FM_CLEANUP_OLD_FILES: Delete remaining extraction files, after retention period is over.

  • /CELONIS/FM_CONFIG_TEST: Execute configuration check up.

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_SYS_INFO: Retrieve Application Server info: System ID, Operating System, DB info, Celonis' RFC component version, SAP Application version, SAP Basis version, Time zone.

  • /CELONIS/FM_GET_RUNTIME_INFO: Retrieve memory & CPU information & status from Application Server.