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Celonis Product Documentation

SAP – Order to Cash


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Common Errors

  1. Please do not rename your files.

  2. Please make sure that you have all the required columns.

  3. Please upload only CSV files.

How does it work?

  1. Request the extractor by entering the company codes.

    1. You need the extractor in order to extract the required data in the right format from your SAP system.

  2. Within one business day you will receive an email with the extractor and the guidelines on how to use it.

  3. Upload the extracted files.

  4. After successful upload you will be able to analyze your data.


  • What are the Company Codes?

    According to SAP: Smallest organizational unit of external accounting for which a complete, self-contained set of accounts can be created. This includes the entry of all transactions that must be posted and the creation of all items for legal individual financial statements, such as the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement.

  • Why do I need the company codes?

    In order to filter your extracted data and analyze or compare specific organizations.

  • Where can I find the company codes?

    The company codes are in the table T001 field BUKRS.

  • I requested the extractor but have not received an email. What should I do?

    Contact us at and we will take care of your request as soon as possible.

  • What is going to happen when I will upload the data?

    If you scroll down you will see a preview of the analysis and the KPIs that will be calculated for you.