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Celonis Product Documentation

SAP Extractor FAQ

Please check that your on-premise Extractor server can reach Celonis Execution Management System. Specifically, please verify that:

  • you can reach the URL https://[team].[realm] in the browser of your server - if not, please check your firewall settings

  • no proxy is blocking the connection between the Extractor and Celonis Execution Management System - if it is needed, see documentation about proxies

Please check that your Java version is 11 by typing the following in the command line:

java -version

If it is, please make sure that the environment variables PATH and JAVA_HOME are set on a system level, not on only a user level. Moreover, you need to restart your server after the environment variables have been changed so that it affects the system user as well. See

This is possible to do by overriding the command that starts the extractor service:

For Windows

Windows service is installed according to the metadata that is defined in the file CelonisSapExtractor.xml, which is located in the extractor folder. You can modify the command line arguments there and override the directory which is by default "%BASE%\temp". For example,"%BASE%\define\your\directory".

For Linux

The same logic applies to Linux. You need to modify the command that launches the extractor service. When running the command make sire to explicitly override the temp folder. For example:

java"/define/your/directory" -Xmx8g -jar connector-sap.jar