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SAP Extractor new version (RFC Module: 2.4, Extractor: 3.4/2021-06-01)

The new SAP Extractor (RFC Module: 2.4, Extractor: 3.4.0/2021-06-01) has been released and is available for download on this page.

Changes in the RFC Module
Real Time Extraction Support for Sybase

Support for SAP systems running on Sybase databases has been added.

Show the Eligibility of a Table for Real Time Extraction in the T Code CELONIS/CLMAN_UI

A new column has been added in the T Code /CELONIS/CLMAN_UI, to indicate whether the table is eligible for real time extraction or not.

This is to prevent scenarios when the pre-packaged Change Logs are mapped to Views (i.e. BSID in S/4HANA). The SAP Admin can remove the irrelevant records using this flag, and then proceed with the installation.

Changes in the Extractor
Improved logic of the direct deletes in the Replication Cockpit

In Replication Cockpit, when the "Direct Delete" option is selected, the record is removed only if there is no Insert event succeeding it.

Added the Extractor version to the Version Information

The extractor version has been added to the Extractor Information.

(Bugfix) In some edge cases, all records have been marked as extracted

When the extraction for inserts/updates failed, and the one for deleted records was successful, all records have been marked as successfully extracted. However, only the deletion records should be marked as extracted.