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Celonis Product Documentation

SAP Extractor system requirements

The on-premise server will be running both Celonis SAP Extractor and Celonis on-Prem Agent. For this we recommend the following system requirements:

  • Virtual machine or physical server

  • CPU: Min. Intel Xeon processor with 4 Cores

  • RAM: min. 20 GB

  • Disk space: min. 110 GB on the tmp directory (the directory can be overridden as described here)

  • Location of the server needs to be in the same network as the source system(s) that should be connected


The Operating systems are only recommendations and any system that can run Java 11 can be used

  • 64-bit Operating System

    • Windows Server: recommended 2012 R2 (2008 R2 SP1 and later versions are also supported)

    • Ubuntu: recommended 18.04 LTS

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

    • SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES) 12 and 15

    • Oracle Linux 6 and 7

Connections for operations of the extractor

Source System

Target System




On premise extractor server

SAP ECC system

33XX (where xx is the system number)


RFC connection from on premise extractor server to the SAP system. The system number can be retrieved from the SAP basis team.

On premise extractor server

Celonis cloud endpoint



HTTPS connection from on premise extractor server to Celonis cloud endpoint. The IPs of the endpoint depend on the cloud realm (which can be seen in the URL) and they can be found the section below.

Cloud IP addresses depending on the realm

The IP of the realm where the EMS team resides should be allowlisted so that the on-premise extractor can communicate with the EMS cloud endpoints.

Optional: Using proxies

Please refer to the on premise Extractor documentation on proxies topic.