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Setting the primary keys

The last step for the delta data model load to work is setting the primary keys for all tables in the data model. This is required to identify unique records in each table, enabling us to merge the deltas to the existing and loaded data model.

Entering the process data model in data integration you can see the warning message that primary keys are missing. Setting primary keys follows the same steps as setting foreign keys.


Below you can find an example of setting primary keys for an existing SAP P2P data model. The foreign keys are already set for the tables BKPF and BSEG.


In the next step, we need to add the primary keys to the tables. Hovering over a column you can see the option to set both a primary key (PK) and/or a foreign key (FK):


For SAP-based tables, you can check which column(s) form the primary key to identify unique records in external tools such as

In the case of BKPF and BSEG in our example, the primary keys equal the already set foreign keys. You can set the primary key by clicking the PK button for each of the columns, which will result in the following:


After selecting the primary keys the table configuration can be saved. This step must be repeated for all other tables in the data model.