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Celonis Product Documentation

Setting up Skills in Studio


  • Celonis Process Automation allows you to automate actions across multiple applications and connect process steps without writing code.

  • Customized business logic and personalized integrations ensure that you can automatically take specific actions in downstream applications, based on process conditions and as if you were acting as a specific user.


This guide explains the basic steps on how to create a new Skill in Process Automation.

1. Create a new Skill
  • Define a Skill name.

  • The Skill key will be automatically created. The Skill key is unique and can be used to refer to a specific Skill throughout the EMS.

  • Optional: Add a Skill description.

2. Choose a Sensor
  • The Sensor defines the event that triggers the execution of the Skill, e.g., an Action in the Action Engine Signal or a Webhook. For more details on the available Sensors, see Sensors.

3. Add Actions
  • You can add arbitrary many Actions to your Skill. For more details on the integrated Actions, see Actions.

  • Note: Changes will be saved automatically. You can view your changes by clicking on "View History".

4. Publish your Skill
  • Note: Skills can only be published if all required inputs are defined. Until then, the Skill will remain an unpublished draft. Changes won't be saved automatically so make sure to cklick on "Save" before you leave the "Edit Mode".

5. After publishing the first version of your Skill
  • You can monitor the Execution Logs of your Skill by cklicking on "Logs".

  • You can also do further editing by clicking on "Edit". Make sure to click on "Save" before you leave the "Edit Mode" again as changes won't be saved automatically.