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Celonis Product Documentation

Skill Configuration

The app comes with some skill templates for the creation of tasks and for the execution of default actions. All actions should be perceived as templates that are recommended to be adjusted depending on how tasks/actions should be used and integrated into the day-to-day business.

Default Actions

The default actions are actions that can be executed when selecting a credit memo in the table in the Action View or in the top of the invoice details slides.

Share Credit Memo

This action sends an email via a “Celonis no-reply” address containing relevant credit memo information that helps the recipient to identify the credit memo. The recipient, the subject and the text can be adjusted for every invoice. In addition, the “reply-to” field is set to the user’s email address so that email replies from the recipient are delivered to the sender’s email inbox.

During the rollout, it is recommended to:

  • revise the email template or even create multiple templates for different scenarios;

  • evaluate whether it makes sense to replace the no-reply Celonis email action with an SMTP setup (see help link).