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Celonis Product Documentation

SPA 1.29 release 28.04.22

Pinned selections

You can now set a default filter in Studio Analysis that is applied for all users every time they open the analysis. Selections can be pinned in edit mode using the Pin Selection toggle which appears in both the dropdown and full screen versions of the selection UI. This can be used to limit the scope of the analysis to data relevant to end users, bringing the functionality of the Publish with selections feature from Process Analytics to Studio. For more information, see Pinned Selections.


Bug fixes

  1. The load script information in the documentation generated from CPM4-migrated analyses has been corrected.

  2. Fill components did not render properly if the loading process was interrupted by leaving the browser tab. This no longer happens.

  3. In some cases, the automatic vertical axis range for a chart with stacked KPIs would be too small, resulting in truncated data. The range is now calculated correctly.

  4. A minor visual bug in charts with horizontal scrolling was fixed.

  5. Searching an OLAP column of strings for \ (blackslash) or ' (single quote) produced an error in the OLAP that would persist until the page was refreshed. The search function now works as intended for these characters.