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SQL Performance Transformations

By using optimized SQL queries you can utilize infrastructure resources assigned to your team more effectively, and benefit from accelerated data availability of your data from source to analysis.

We've prepared the following learning materials on SQL performance scripting and a detailed overview of transformation optimization tasks.

Celonis Academy Course (Recommended)

As a first step, we invite all users to complete the course SQL Best Practices that can be found in Celonis Academy. The course will guide you through all the materials covered on this page as well examples on estimating query performance, using optimization methods to address various common issues that users may experience, and evaluating the impact of such interventions.

Vertica SQL Performance Optimization Guide

Our Performance Optimization Guide provides more insight on key focus areas when approaching any transformation optimization task, and provides examples as well as links to advanced reading materials relating to Vertica SQL.

Best Practices Checklist

Users who have a good understanding of general performance practices but would like to ensure they have covered all performance improvement areas in their transformations can reference the Best Practices Checklist, which is also available as a standalone file for download and future use/reference.


TheTroubleshooting Guide provides step-by-step optimization solutions to common scenarios that users may come across.