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Celonis Product Documentation

Starting Celonis Agent

Responsibility: Server/ infrastructure administrator

The Celonis Agent can either be started manually or automatically.

Most users prefer to start the Celonis Agent manually for testing and set up automatic start for production.

Once successfully started, the registered Agents can be viewed in the Agents page:

Starting Celonis on-Prem Agent
For Windows

If you want to start the Agent as a windows service:

  • Celonis on-Prem Agent can be installed as a windows service and started by double-clicking on the install.bat.

  • After the first start, the Agent can be re-started by double-clicking on the starter.bat.

If you only want to start it in the foreground, you can alternatively start it by double-clicking on the foreground-starter.bat.

For Linux

Celonis on-Prem Agent can be started by entering

sh ./ or bash ./

in the terminal.