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Steering View
User Profile

The Steering View is configured to be used by a middle manager of the AP organization. Think of an Accounts Payable Lead, Senior Manager, or Team Lead.

Purpose of the Steering View
  • Monitor performance of team against operational metrics (e.g., paid-on-time rate, duplicate payment rate)

  • Set target to prioritize the team's work and surface execution gaps that are preventing target outcomes

  • Take action to address execution gaps

  • Oversee performance on a region-by-region basis or configurable other dimensions

  • Execute actions across source systems seamlessly without leaving the Execution App

User Interface and Functionalities

The Steering View gives the AP Lead a complete overview of KPIs and changes in the Accounts Payable department


With the date range selector, the analyzed time span for analysis can be adjusted freely


The system reflects the same underlying data to users at different levels to avoid information gaps between the organizational levels


The KPIs shown in the Steering View can be adjusted by adding or removing KPIs in the KPI Library


The AP Lead adds the "Lost Cash Discount" KPI to their overview


The added KPI now shows up in the Steering View and automatically updates the board visualizations


The AP Lead can investigate trends and performance across different dimensions, such as Company Code or Vendor to spot trends and red flags


The Execution App automatically shows the most important Execution Gaps preventing the team from achieving the target outcome


The detailed view of the Execution Gap displays the relevant invoices as well as the impact to the target KPI and recommended action for immediate improvement, which can be executed directly within the Execution App

Using the Steering View - Sample User Flow
  • The Accounts Payable Lead logs into their Execution App to monitor how their teams are performing against the operational metrics they measure, like the on-time payment rate and touchless invoice rate

  • Right now, the team is prioritized around Paid on time - making sure that all invoices are paid before the due date

  • However, the finance leader requested a change to prioritize to capturing cash discounts, so they will want to add the KPI for lost cash discounts to their dashboard and set the priority for their team accordingly

  • Opening the KPI Library, they add the KPI for lost cash discounts to their dashboard and set the priority for their team

  • This prioritization is going to automatically adjust how the AP Lead, the clerks, and Celonis itself work to process invoices

  • As soon as the AP Lead sets the priority and returns to the dashboard to look at cash discounts, they can see the view has changed based on their target KPI

  • Instead of Paid on time, they now see an overview of cash discount performance

  • Also next to the performance graph, Celonis automatically surfaces the top execution gaps hindering cash discount realization

  • The number one gap seems to be late goods receipts, which lead to payment blocks against invoices

  • This does not surprise the AP Lead as they know the receiving department is often late in filling out the goods receipt and posting it

  • Switching to the detailed view for this execution gap, the AP Lead sees that Celonis has not only diagnosed the problem but has also given them guidance on how to proactively fix it

  • Celonis has identified that there are several blocked invoices with a cash discount due date coming up in two days

  • These blocked invoices now have goods receipts that have been posted today and they are ready for payment block removal, matching, and posting - unfortunately, the next available payment run is in the following week

  • To ensure this discount is captured, Celonis is recommending that the AP Lead triggers a manual payment run the next day to post and pay these invoices and capture the $42.9K in cash discounts they would otherwise have lost

  • The AP Lead is thrilled – without Celonis they wouldn’t have known about these invoices or been able to take action to drive such immediate cash savings

  • They select all the invoices and automatically trigger the payment run