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Table OR Columns not found in Views

If the error message “Table X cannot be found” or “Column Y cannot be found” is present inside of a table in a view, very likely inside of the Master Data Improvements App main view, then it is likely caused by the issues described in section 9.1 or 9.2. To resolve this issue in the app, the most pragmatic approach is to set the column to ‘Scope: Hidden’, which will remove it from appearing inside of the table, and the error message should disappear. See the screenshot below of how that looks like in the YAML.


The trick to this solution is that you need to find the ID of the column, which is sometimes only possible inside of the ‘Preview final’ component, inside of the full YAML editor. This is because the table is defined in the base view, which is not ‘fully visible’ in the extension that’s installed on your team. To see the column ID, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Switch to Code Editor.

  2. Click Preview Final.

  3. Find the table in the right hand section of the editor.

  4. Find the specific ID of the column you wish to overwrite. For this example, let’s take the ID: MATERIAL_PLANT.MATERIAL_NUMBER.

  5. You can then go back to the visual editor, navigate to the table, and then set that ID to “Scope: hidden”